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Optimizing your procurement process saves time & money while improving quality

Supply Chain is about connecting Manufacturer - Shipper – Warehouse – Transportation – Site – Customer in the most efficient chain of interactions. Industries and organizations with different complexity and maturity demands different solutions. Buylogic can offer modern off the shelf technologies to support the customer needs  (supplier management, contract management & track / trace solutions). Consequences of not having fit for purpose solutions can make it impossible to facilitate lean processes.

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Optimizing access & sources of procurement information needs focus

Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) is the materialization of SCM 2.0. Competition in the future will not be company vs. company but supply chain vs. supply chain. The past few years rapid changes in IT and IT infrastructure have created a window of opportunity where we are not limited by technology. We now see that organizations are struggling to define sound SCM digitalization strategies as the way business is conducted and organized is rapidly changing

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Different organizations have different challenges. Level and complexity of procurement processes means different requirements

In Buylogic we know that different organizations have different challenges.


To enable our customers to streamline and keep focus on the strategic and cost driving processes in the SCM process, Buylogic have established an independent BuyHouse service. Fully outsourced procurement service, Invoice to Pay (I2P) – Purchase to Pay (P2P) or Source to Pay (S2P) can be tailored and provided according to customers requirements.