Master Data Management

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An effective MDM process involves more than just running applications. It’s about how to stay current, compliant, consistent & complete

We acknowledge that both legacy data and new data needs to be managed. The exercise of consolidating and harmonising data structure requires the ability to implement the right processes and supporting systems. Buylogic provides both data governance competence and systems, to optimise; creating, updating and sharing of correct data. 

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We provide the missing link in your system portfolio: In the cloud, no integrations required*, visual & flexible, matching your data governance

Buylogic is HubHead’s regional alliance, providing the NRX AssetHub system and shared knowledge, to resolve your CMMS & EAM data quality challenges. NRX AssetHub is a staging system that enables you to analyse, build, restructure, convert, map, cleanse and enrich your data, *with or without certified API interface to your EAM & CMMS.  It enables you to conduct your business as usual, and mature your data-sets, with the same data governance and interlinking as required in your master data system.

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We will help you to resolve your master data challenges, with clear boundary and ownership definition, for your integrated datasets

Buylogic provides roadmap definition and project management for your business transition for existing setup, towards new business model. Incorrect and outdated data is a burden to both people and systems. Excellent housekeeping for your integrated datasets is far beyond the exercise of adding data-buzzwords to your organization. It is all about knowing what you want to achieve, what data you need and how you organise them.