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We will help you to understand how technological evolvement will allow track and trace to create value for you

The increased focus on digitalization and sustainable business processes have paved the ground for Internet of things, sensors and tracking technology. Application for blockchains to verify authenticity are being developed. It is expected that this technological evolvement will allow track & trace to obtain momentum and contribute to the emerging green shift.

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We can help you get access to the object’s relevant lifecycle information and its whereabout with a click

Track & trace is talked about in many contexts. The ability to identify all of your individual objects in the supply chain by RFID, bar- or QR code and instantly get access to the object’s relevant lifecycle is of great value if you know how use it. Information could be shared with anyone who needs the information. We believe this will significantly increase efficiency in data management.

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Comptence to analyze, resolve and the cability to deliver services to the logistics process is core to our business

Buylogic is a center of competence and can advice customers on traditional logistics as well as highly digitalized solutions and processes. Our operational services includes logistics coordination, material and personnel planning, change management, systematization and mobilization of goods and personnel to agreed destination.