Buylogic is a forward thinking Supply Chain Management competence house


We are a highly-experienced team and specializes in resolving SCM challenges from cradle to grave. If you aim to capture a larger proportion of your spend under management or to better control and maintain your assets. Then you need to stay tuned with your system, processes and technology.


Technology and economy is changing and
Supply Chain 2.0 is not the future - it’s now.
Our dedicated team understand this and takes pride in being a part of shaping this rapid change. As a technology integrator and enabler of lean business processes and efficient solution, we know that technology is not the challenge.


The ability to combine in-depth business process understanding with out-of-the-box-thinking, innovation, tuned strategies and willingness to change will be the differentiator that’s makes you win the race.


“If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

(Henry Ford)



A complete Buylogic employee is characterized through the four values below. They reveal a culture we grow and that we are proud of.


We see and we act. We reveal problems and suggest solutions. We dare to challenge conventions, and deliver as promised.


We adhere to set boundaries. What we start, we will complete. We monitor deviations and initiate actions.


We are clear and honest. We offer full access to our procedures and delivery. We deliver optimal services because we know our customers’ challenges and understand the meaning of a contract.


We are confident in our skills, but humble toward other methods and are always seeking to learn. We adhere to our customers’ processes and procedures respectfully.